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Abi Welch
In honor of Allie Harris
I <3 you Cavi’s 2nd mom
Abra Wilkin
Adriana and Raymond Laraja
Alan Bush
Alden Read
Alescia Ford
Alex Airth
Alexandra Alcoff
Go Dials!! Walker's is a special place that I am proud to be a part of and excited that my daughter also gets to experience what an amazing place it is.
Alexandra Alcoff
Alexandra Browne
Alexandra Horne
In memory of Arria Weir Sands
Alexis King
Alice Hicks
Alice Moorhead
Alicia Benedetto
In memory of Alexandra Brucker
Alison Carrabba
Alison McCall
Allen Riendeau
Allen and Rene' Bradford
Allie Harris
Walker's changed my life and I see it impacting the lives of young people every day!
Allie Harris
In honor of Mrs. Harris - the best mom and teacher!
I am so glad that my mom came to teach at Walker's! She gave me the best education and was the best support system I could have asked for.
Allison Barringer
Allison Mattison
Allison Quigley
Allison Sullivan
Amanda Pitman
Ameena Makhdoomi
Thank you to all the teachers who keep the Walker's spirit alive and also Allie Harris!!!
Amie Rappaport Mckenna
Amy Cawman
Amy Nataliccho
Amy Neidlinger
Amy Paul
Amy Storrow
Andrea Coggins Toivakka
Andree Welsh
Andrew Ashforth
Andréa Baier
Angela Coggins
The best foundation for young women starting their education
Angela peavy
Anita Brean
Anja Rosenberg and Pia and Mickey Rosenberg Toro
Ann Bresnahan
Ann O'Hara
Ann O'Reilly
Anna Johnson
Anne Bailliere
In memory of Nancy Graves
Anne Bigalow
Anne Connelly
Anne Cullen
Anne Hull
Anne Leck
Anne Mauk
Anne Wall
Anne Winton Black
In honor of Windy Black Jansen ‘O3
Grateful for the education and inspiration Windy received from her teachers and classmates!
Antoinette Guerrini-Maraldi
Artemis Talvat
Ashley Bonet
Ashley Dewey
Ashley Dorin
Ashley Gaddis
Ashley ONEIL
Always glad to be a part of Annual Giving.I’ve learned that EVERY dollar and participation counts!
Augusta Harrison
Barbara Arnold
In honor of Barbara Balch Arnold
Barbara Bristol
Barbara Kennedy
Barbara Nash and Patrick Flynn
Barbara Pitney
Education is the most important slice of life we grow up with. Learning about our Constitution, Civics, Math, Art, History and languages should be brought to life in and out of the classroom. Take your education with you where ever you go and you will go with success.
Barbara Safford
Barbara Sanders
Beatriz Gonzalez
Becky Morris
Bela Vega
Benjamin Wry
Beryn Frank Harty
Bessie & Tom Speers
Beth Brucker
In memory of Alexandra Brucker '95
Beth McGuinness
In honor of Courtney Cramer
Beth Strapp
Beth Warner
I am so pleased to be able to help continue the mission of Walker's
Beth Wood Leidt
Bettina O'Neil-Lyons
Beverley Wadsworth
Blair Beuttas
Bobbie Bristol
Brett Benzio
Brianna Vega
Brice Russian
Brittany Noble
Brooke Pacy
In gratitude to Violet Waite and Miss Sala
Cadesha Prawl
Calista Duggan
Carey Aiossa
Carla Bernier
In honor of Ella Sabelawski
So proud of Ella!
Carol B Parker
Carol Calhoun
Carol and Marty Ross
Carolina & Will Atwood
Caroline Kieltyka
Caroline Lewis
Caroline Strapp
For the amazing women and people I've met because of Walker's and the future generations!
Carolyn Foley
Carolyn Shohet
Carrie Pouch
Caryl Dearing
Cassandra Sperry Ordway
Catherine Donovan
Catherine Leonard
Catherine Lester Salchert
Great school!
Catherine Shopneck
Catherine Taylor
Celeste Niarchos
Chad Alfeld
Chaille Hutcheson
Chappie Wick
Charles and Marguerite Hensley
Charlotte Lenzner
Cheri Soule
Cheryl Chalmers
Chloe Silverman
Chris Christie
GO, SUNS!!!!!
Chris Hague
Christina Cohen
Christine Isidoro
Christine O'Connor
Christine Rappaport
Christopher Brigham
Christopher Brighsm
Christopher Cassimus
Christopher Hague
Christopher Semk
Christy Hoffman Brown
Cindy Jo
Sending our love.
Clara Stites
Clarissa Basch
Claudia Burch
Claudia Ingham
Clayton English
Clive Connor
Colin Griggs
Go Suns!
Connor Forde
Constance Kapp
Corina S Alvarezdelugo
Suggestion, a category for former teachers/staff. ;)
Corlene Rhoades
Crystal kay
Cynthia Evanisko
Cynthia Kellogg
Cynthia Vega
Cynthia Vega
Hooray Sunray! Go Dials and hugs to my sisters of the Class of 82
Cynthia Vega
Dara Pizzuti
David Kagan
David Thacker
Deana Washburn
Deb Angelis
Deborah Dewing
Deborah Flagg Smith
In memory of Deborah Flagg Scott '48
Deborah Safford
In honor of Pamela Safford ‘81, Suzanne Safford ‘84
Deborah Seaman
Deborah and Declan Murphy
Ella is very happy being at Walker. She is thriving and enjoys her studies and the life at Walker. In today's world being fulfilled and thriving at school is a special gift. Thank you
Deborah and Geoffrey McConnell
Dejie Jia
Dele Odumosu
Diana Heise
Diana Kruglick
Dolly Hall
In honor of Mary Hall
Donald Shanly
Dorothy Burke
Dorothy Cabot
Dorothy Corbiere
I am responding to a message from Allie - it prompted me to give, but I have 4 grandchildren in different private schools and probably will not continue to support all!
Dorothy Loebl
Douglas Glanville
Duan Liang
Grateful for the wonderful education! Let’s continue investing in our children’s future together!
Eddy and Carol Lui
We fully believe in Walker's vision and mission and are happy to support it in any way we can!
Eleanor Daugherty
Eleanor Daugherty
Eleanor Daugherty
Eleanor Sulston
Eleanor Taylor
Elisa Del Valle
Elisa Del Valle
In honor of our new Athletic Director, Brett Benzio and her determination and commitment to cultivating strong and bold scholar athletes!!
Elisabeth and Peter Holland
Elise Burns
In honor of Diane Newton Sumner
Teaching people to seek complexity and depth.
Eliza Wetmore
In honor of Leila Wetmore my awesome mom!
Elizabeth Alrick
Elizabeth Blodgett
Please get back to the grass roots of learning not telling students how to think. This is my last donation until I learn otherwise.
Elizabeth Clark
Elizabeth Dinkel
In honor of I’d like to honor our very much loved classmate, Mary Hall.
I’m so grateful to EWS for giving me a lifetime of friendships & some of the best memories ever.
Elizabeth England
Elizabeth Foody
The students at Ethel Walker are astounding!
Elizabeth Gemmill
Elizabeth Ghriskey
Elizabeth Higgins
In memory of Lois Johnson Hughes
Elizabeth Koors
Elizabeth Lawlor
Elizabeth Paschal Alrick
Elizabeth Peyton
Elizabeth Ridgley
Elizabeth Simonton
Elizabeth Sudler
Elizabeth Turner Johnson
Elizabeth Wempe
Elizabeth Wright Wempe
Elizabeth and Charles Barr
Elizabeth skau
Ella Ross
Ellie Bell
Ellie Bell
Emilee OBrien
Emiliana Vegas
Emily Casey Talbot
Emily Davis Knight
Emily Dreskin
Emily Forman
Emily Peairs
Emily Wang
I love Walkers :)
Emily and Andy Bedell
Emily and Katherine Rossiter
Emma Simon
Eric Doshna
Esther Pryor
Eve Costarelli
Evelyn Cowles
Evelyn Rooney
Fern DeNarvaez
Fiona de Kerckhove
Flo Van Cara
Frances Beinecke
Frances Hughes
Fumiko and Kenichiro Kitamura
Gabriela Beecher
Gail Gaston
In memory of Frances Robertson Chandler ‘44
Gail Moloney
George Kelly
Gideon Rothschild
Gina Scinto
Glenna McMahon
Grace Becker
As a new young French teacher, Walker’s gave me the break to start my 43 year teaching career in the private school world! Thank you Walker’s!!
Gregory Oneglia
Keep up the good work, Meera.
Gretchen Orschiedt
Gretchen Orschiedt
Gretchen Swibold
Gurukirn Khalsa
Gurukirn Khalsa
I was greatly influenced in my art career by Miss B. She inspired us to dedicate ourselves to the pursuit of excellence.
Guy Paterson
In honor of Pammie Paterson
Thank you Walker’s for your help giving me two amazing granddaughters.
H. Catherine W. Skinner
Keep up the good work!
Harriet Dewey
Helma Wiedenfels
Henrietta Hildebrand
Henry Mercer
Hersh and Dee Waybright
Heydee von Sternberg
Hilary Hotchkiss
Hilary Waldman
Hilary Wodlinger
Hillary Bush
Hong Zhao
Ian and Margaret Ball
Idabelle Paterson
Isabel Ceballos
Isabelle Russell
J. Randall Street
Jack Merselis
Jamiah Tappin
Jamiah Tappin
Jamie Valentine
Jan Finn
Jan Mactier
Jane Sacasa
Jane Talcott
Jane-Byrd Terlizzi
Janet Henning Miller
Janet Stott
Je Banach
Jean Brune
Jean Chant
Jean Edwards
Jean Leuchtenburg
Jean Tilt Sammis
Jeanette Pelizzon
Jeanette Poillon and Bonnie Brescia
Jeffrey Zirbel
Jennifer Albanesi
Jennifer Cavallari
Jennifer Pritzker
In honor of Jeanette Pelizzon
Jennifer Soderburg
In memory of Emily Boidrick ‘98
Jenny Chandler
Jenny French
Jenny Johnson
Jessica Chicoski
Jill Christensen
Jill Crowe
Jillian Jones
Jim Gorter
Jing Chen
In honor of Celia
We are proud of your hard work at Walker school.
JoAnne Ziebarth
Joan Mullen
John Groff
John Johnson
John Mendez
John and Nancy Sabol Foundation
Josey Ballenger
Go Dials -- I hope I made this in time for the Suns vs. Dials Challenge. I tried to donate the other day on my phone - but I didn't want my cc number to be saved on my phone due to security issues. So I intended to come back to the website on a regular computer, but got caught up with work and forgot... Josey
Julia Spahr
Julia and John Curtis
Julie Peyton
Julie Pryor
Julieann Krawczyk
Justin Treado
Karen Brooks
Karen Cook
Karen Crowe
Karen P Bdera
Thanks to Cynthia Vega, ‘82!
Karen P Polcer Bdera
In honor of The class of 1979
In memory of Linda Von Albrecht, Dianne Meenan, Stori Stockwell, and Iris Zwack
This year, thinking of those classmates no longer here. Missing Linda Von Albrecht, Dianne Meenan, Stori Stockwell, and Iris Zwack…
Karen Robbins
Karen Simmons
Karen Thompson
Katharine Eikenberry
Katharine Swibold
The world needs Walkers! Alumnae donors before me made it possible for me to attend Walkers, and I am so proud to support today's remarkable students and faculty with my annual fund gifts.
Katharine Swibold
Alumnae before me made it possible for me to get the amazing education and 4 years of experiences at Walkers, and I want to do my part to make it possible for students to benefit from all the Walkers has to offer. Girls' education has never been more valuable, and the Capabilities Approach is such an exciting program. Thank you to Meera and the great team for all you are doing!
Katharine Swibold
In honor of Gretchen Swibold, my mother who, along with my late father, made it possible for me to attend Walker's possible
I received a topnotch education and made lifelong friends, and I continue to benefit from being an alumna of the Ethel Walker School. I am proud to be a part of making all of that possible for the current students and those yet to come.
Katharine Swibold
Katherine Colone
Katherine Dresdner
Katherine Ingle
Katherine Shoss
Katherine and Richard Stillwell
Kathleen M. Sullivan, Ph.D.
Kathryn Bratslavsky
Kathryn Porter
Kathy Parsons
Kathy Wallace Wee
In memory of Peggy Wallace
Kathy Wallace Wee
Katie Rohn
Kayla Monroe
I want the Ethel Walker experience to still be one of a kind for anyone that is able to be ever so fortunate to attend!
Kelly DeVivo
Kelly DeVivo
Kelly Tang
Kerri Glass
Kerry Tharpe
Kevin Chessen
Kim Niles
Kit Rohn
Kristin Nicolle
Kristine Cramer
Lamonda Williams
All this SUNshine on Giving Tuesday! Glad to do my part. #Classof87 -Lamonda Wms
Larke Wheeler
In memory of Jackie and Harold Woods
Laura Hicks
Laurann Claridge
Laurann L. Claridge
Laurel Gaddis
Lauren Davis
Lauren Phillips Jones
We love Walker's!
Laurie Hine
Laurie M McBride
Lawrence Bathgate
Lea Angell
Leander Dolphin
Leander Dolphin
Lee Petty
Lee-Ann Harris
I support Walker's for the excellent faculty who teach the students in and out of the classroom. I support Walker's for the unique combination of support and challenge provided for the students.
Lee-Ann Harris
Leila Wetmore
Leila Wetmore
In memory of Mary Hall Howland '80
Leila Wetmore
Leontina Marcotulli
in honor of our Fabulous 40th Reunion!
Leontina Marcotulli
Leslie Haines
Leslie Newman
Leslie Silverman
Letitia Potter
Liana Sowa
Lilia Kieltyka
Lilli Biedermann
I appreciate the good academic foundation Walker's gave me. And, of course, there's the barn - ride on, Walker's!
Lillian Mueller
Linda L Aldrich
Linda Truppman
Linda Warriner
Lindsay Flynn
Lisa Greenberg
Lisa Selz
Lisa Sherwood
Lisa Spencer
Lisa and George Foote
Lizbeth King
Lizbeth King
Go walkers
Lorna Pfaelzer
Louise Gabrielle
Louise and Daniel O'Connell
Lucinda Sheffield
Lucy Jones
Luisa Ceballos
Lynn Allegaert
Lynn Allegaert
Lynn Okeeffe
Lynn Staley
My commitment to support Walker's now & future is personal
MJ Dickson
Mabel Figueroa
Mackenzie Hine
Madison Glass
Mallory Pasquariello
Mally Cox-Chapman
Marcia Easterling
Marcia Easterling
In honor of Mimi Servante McNally
An ESU one-year scholar at Walker's, Mimi counts that year as one of the most important in her life.
Margaret Davis
Margaret Dean
Margaret Huling Bonz
In memory of Philip E. Bonz
Margaret Lamb
Margaret Meinert
Wishing everyone SUN-filled days.
Margaret Shaw Dean
In memory of Jane roessler Corcoran
Margaretta Brokaw
Margo Hanlan
Margot Bogert
Margot Rose
Marguerite and Charles Hensley
Maria Alulema
Nothing like Walker’s! I’m in love with EWS🥰
Maria Marin
Marie Bogdanovics
In honor of Mary Hall Howland
Marie Smith
In honor of Arianna Zirbel '25 and Emmyt Zirbel '27
Marie and William Baker
Marilyn Wilmerding
Marion Dawson Carr
Marion Paterson
Marion Woolam
In honor of Miss Ash
Marjorie Off
Marsha Davis
Mary Ann Margaretten
Mary Beth Conley
Mary Beth Rettger
Mary Coyne
Mary Foreman
Mary Glenn
Mary Grumhaus
Mary Hallissey
Mary K Weddle
My time at Walker's was an amazing experience. I am grateful for those special three years!
Mary Lou Cobb
Mary Melvin Fleming
Mary Mountcastle and James Overton
Maureen Weiss
May Zhang
In honor of Bethany Davis and Marissa Forde
Thank you for supporting and helping my daughter Rainy
Meera Viswanathan
Meera and Eric Viswanathan:Widmer
In honor of The Walker's Advancement Office
Meg Ashforth
Megan Mehr
Megan Mulhern
Megan( Rogers) Miller
I want to support woman's education
Melissa Jackson Loree
Meredythe Goethe
In honor of John Woodruff
Ethel Walker provided the resources for me to grow into myself as a person and to not build a box around the polarities of 'artist', 'athlete', 'technical theatre enthusiast', etc. I continue to be grateful that my middle school and high school experiences could be shaped by such a supportive and dynamic environment with friendships that are still strong today! As always, GO DIALS!!!!
Merrill Carrington
I'm grateful for all the ways Walker's shaped me -- and for everything the school has become!
Michael Galvin
Michael Mulcahy
Keep up the good work!
Michaelynn Ware
Michelle Coster
Michelle Fracasso
Michelle Helmin
In honor of Elisabeth Helmin ‘19
Celebrating you, Elisabeth! We are so proud of your success. Excited to watch where your life will take you. Love, mom, dad, and Andrew xo
Miguel Machado
EWS has been great for Manuela M (2029)!!!! Thanks!
Mimi Gates
Mimi Mead-Hagan
Mimi Moulton
Misa Kohsai
Missy Geddes
Monroe Cobey
Muhisoni Donavine
You deserve all the best🙏
Musong Cheng
Namita Parikh
I support walkers initiative to educate women, making them independent, strong, and leaders of tomorrow in all fields of work and life!
Nancy Bryan
Nancy Gilbert
Nancy Howe
Nancy McGrath
In memory of JJ Taylor Lysle
Nancy Steenburg
In honor of Florence Hunt
Nancy and Keith Robbins
Nancy von Euler
In memory of Stori Stockwell Cadigan '79
My Walker's friendships are some of the most precious I have and I am constantly inspired by my brilliant, accomplished and caring Walker's friends. Remembering one of those treasured classmate with lots of love. <3
Nancyrose Logan
Ned Edwards
Nicholas Walsh
All the best for 2024! Keep up the good work.
Nicky Lewenson
In honor of Alex Brucker
Walker’s taught me to always be curious, to be unapologetic in voicing my opinion, and gave me the gift of lifelong friendships. I donate in loving memory of my dear friend and classmate, Alex Brucker - I think of her laugh and spirit everyday.
Nicole Dunn
The education of young women has never been more important!
Nicole Whitehead
Nilda Legassa
Nina Zhang
Nishette Isaac
Noble Welch
Nora Martin
Nora Martin
In honor of Ameri Rodriguez
OLive Watson
Olivia Lovelace
Olivia Slutzky
Omar Meguid
Orrin Zirbel
Pam Bennett-Skinner
Who I am now is due to the foundations that were formed at Walker’s.
Pam Forsyth
Pam Safford
Pamela Duncan
I enjoyed meeting with Meera and Gretchen at the VC in Boston. After hearing them speak about Walkers u left the event beaming from ear to ear! You’re doing an amazing job! I wish I was a student there now!!! Hooray Sunday! 💜💛💜
Pamela Murphy
Pamela Safford
Pat and Jay Tourigny
Patricia Haigh
Patricia S & Thomas J Anathan
In honor of Leah Anathan
Patricia Schultz
Patricia Warrender
Patrticia Pruett
Patti Harris
Paul Breault
Paul and Cynthia Argazzi
Pauline Hester
Pawan Agnihotri
Pennell Whitney
Philip McLoughlin
Philip Schenck